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Excursions 2023

The Po Delta is an area of extraordinary naturalistic, historical and geological interest. Seven branches of the river, opening out like a fan, make up the "Active Delta", rich in different environments that each host its own flora and fauna changing from season to season.

In collaboration with "MarinoCacciatori"

Tour operator in the Po Delta Park network.

Excursions by boat in the Po Delta Park

  • Scano Boa amongst lagoons and reed beds
    Amongst the lagoons and reeds of the Delta Park, the border between land and water, between reclaimed land and transitional waters is ever so fragile.
    Navigating the "paradei", long, thin canals that connect the Po to its saltwater lagoons, we will travel between the Riserva delle Bocche del Po di Pila, the Oasi della Batteria, and the Burcio and Basson Lagoons. Farms that were abandoned in the 50s and the Punta Maistra Lighthouse are the only traces of human activity in what is now unspoilt landscape, just like the last remaining fishing huts constructed of reeds in Scano Boa, the iconic island of the Delta
    • Duration: 2h30
    • Departure: Restaurant Canarin, Porto Tolle (RO)
      Every Sunday and holidays at 10:30 am  and at 3.30 pm
    • Booking on 334/7035765 – 329/8607630
  • Po di Maistra and Golena Ca' Pisani
    Boat trips along the smallest branch of the Po
    The Maistra Po river is the smallest branch of the Delta, the most striking, pure and wild. With our flat boats, we will pass through the dense reed-thickets and the lagoons; we will see the Garzaia di Cà Venier, the biggest area of Po Delta Park where nest herons. The excursion arrives to Valle Cà Pisani, a brackish water environment, important for the extensive fish-breeding.
    • Duration: 2h
    • Days and times of excursion:
    • Every Day at 10.30am & 3.00pm
    • Departure: Pier of Cà Tiepolo - Porto Tolle
    • Booking on 334/7035765 - 329/8607630 
  • The Big Mouth
    Boat trip along the Po of Venice and its branches
    The Delta splits into three branches once it reaches the sea: Busa di Scirocco, Busa di Tramontana e Busa Dritta. We offer a complete itinerary with visits to river basins, lagoons, sandbars, and wide reed beds where many species of birds live and build their nests.
    • Duration: 3 h
    • Days and times of excursion: 
    • From 20/03 to 28/11
    • All Sundays and Holidays at 10 am
    • Departure: Cà Tiepolo Pier - Porto Tolle
    • Booking on 334/7035765 - 329/8607630 
    • On demand bike&boat tour for the full day
  • The lagoons between Po di Tolle
    A look into the present and the past of the people of the delta: today's activities are represented by the port of Scardovari and the Canarin lagoon, one of the most productive for the cultivation of clams. The past, on the other hand, can be seen on the island of Bonelli Levante, once fertile and cultivated land, today a lagoon of the Park where the agricultural village surrounded by reeds is still visible. The return, by sea along the scani del Bastimento and Barricata, is the right opportunity to point the view in search of turtles and dolphins.
    • Duration 2 h
    • Departure: Lido Barricata
    • Booking on 334/7035765 - 329/8607630 
    • Every day from Monday to Frida yat 3.30 pm during the winter season
    Excursion between the mouths of the southern branches of the Delta to visit some of the most evocative environments of the Park; We will disembark for a stop on the Island of Love, where the Goro lighthouse is located.
    If we sail the mouth of the southern branches of the Delta we'll be able to explore some of the most interesting enviroments of the park.
    "Sacca degli Scardovari" is one of the most famous example of unity of activities done by men and the the role of the biosphere: in fact in the same environment different types of birds live together even riproducing, and crops of mussels DOP, oyster and clams are cultivated. In the mouths of "Po di Gnocca" Oasis of Bacucco develops, through reeds and canals and it represents a very apreciated and popular area of the park. We'll land further south for a little break on the island of love, literally "l'Isola dell'amore", where we'll find the lighthouse of Goro.
    • Duration: 2h30
    • From 1st june to 15 sept
    • Everyday at 10:30
    • Booking on 334/7035765 - 329/8607630

Canoing, bike&boat:
334/7035765 - 329/8607630 

Delta tour Excursions
Booking and information: Tel. 049/8700232 - 335/8167123 - Fax 049/760833 - E-mail:

Pesca - Turismo
On board with small boats you enter the reeds and valleys where you can experience a new form of tourism, you can fish, you stop in the typical "cavane" fishermen's huts, you eat the fish caught and live a wonderful day in contact with the nature info: 0426/389316 348/2848885

Porto Barricata s.r.l. via Strada del Mare 77, 45018 Porto Tolle 0426/89125
Sport fishing. Open sea fishing, charters.

Gastronomic itineraries and boat trips in collaboration with the fishermen of Santa Giulia - Delta Escursioni di Baroni Davide

Excursions in the o delta Parck with Niky Penini PDF
Booking and Information: Cell. 342/8724667 - E-mail:

Renting houseboat leaving from Chioggia Itineraries in the Po Delta Park with  RENDEZ VOUS FANTASIA Srl Booking and Information 041/5510440 - E-mail:

Exploring the Delta with Fede Tour personalized excursions with a flat-bottomed boat that allows navigation even in the presence of very shallow waters. Tel. 388 4336524 - E-mail:

Po Delta Excursions Excursions by boat Booking and information: 334/7035765 - E-mail:

Excursion in Po di Gnocca
Excursion in Po di Gnocca
(photo by: Riccardo Panzavolta)
Po di Goro Bank
Po di Goro Bank
(photo by: Archivio Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po)
Flamingos in Valle Bagliona, Rosolina (RO)
Flamingos in Valle Bagliona, Rosolina (RO)
(photo by: Marco Beck Peccoz)
Moceniga Church
Moceniga Church
(photo by: G. Dissette)
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